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updated: July 2017

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"Saddle Straps"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image



"Saddle Flower"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image


"Saddle Up"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image



"Saddle at Dawn"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image/sold


Challenge: Gun metal, ivory and leather

We found this old set of Jerry's guns packed with a set of western dinnerware boxed and given to us by his mother before she died. They are in very good shape because he was already too old to be dreaming of joining the Lone Ranger."I Wanna Be A Cowboy "

Original: 30x22/sold




Challenge: Reflective textured surfaces

While in New Mexico, we browsed many stores. I was intrigued with all the textured metal and leather Mexican/Southwest mirrors and even more by the images they reflected back to me. "Mirror the Southwest"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image.


Challenge: Smell the LEATHER

"Missin' Pardners" has had quite a history. i photographed boots at the Wall Drug Store in S. Dakota because i was intrigued at the color, smell of the leather, and the fact that their partner boot was not on display (why steal one boot). I was inspired by them and did a painting based on my observations. It was very successful and recently sold for $2500 at a national show in boca grande, fl. returning to its Western beginnings in Montana.

original: 24x18. sold



Challenge: Save a painting that didn't work

"Olde Boots" began as a larger painting that just didnt meet my expectations. I tried various ways to save it, but ended up cutting it into two pieces. The other end I threw away, this end depicts my brother's boots. 30 years ago, my pre-school aged children, would try to walk in them. (For more information.go to tips for success page.)

original: 20x22 image

not available


Challenge: textured corn

A token of the sw life: a wreath of the sw harvest to adorn your home was the inspiration for this art work. I tried to work "Harvest Corn" from realistic to abstract to create a play on figurative aspect of its nature. Painted in earth tones, it captures the essence of life and its holistic inference.

original 24x18



Challenge:"old" materials

"Play it Again" a tribute to those old ivory keys that played such a great history into our western expansion. worn, old, slightly out of tune... ready for another emotional recital.

original 24x18/ sold


Challenge: Cloudy, dirty glass

"Uncorked Elixirs" are the bottles we found in the mining towns of Arizona. They probably contained everything from cod liver oil to secret elixirs touted as a cures for all that ails you. They were old, dusty, clouded with use, but magnificent old glasses.

original: 24x18. sold.


Themed show: The Art of Wine

This was a response to a themed show: The ART of Wine. it was fun to paint working with the shiny reflections, the matte paper with art images of trucks and barns, and of course the black and holographic white label was interesting to create. So would like me to serve you a "Red or White?"

original: 30x22. sold


Challenge: Just for fun!

"Advance to Go"

to be Published in North Light Books: Splash 15: Creative Solutions.

Original: 30x22 watercolor image.not for sale



Challenge:Themed show- Text in Art

"You Gotta Have Art"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image. sold


Themed Show: Art Squared

Big Arts Gallery on Sanibel themed 2008 exhibit was "Squared". this was my response to it. squares and more squares. "Playing Square" won a first place award! i had written Mondrian down the right hand side, but decided at the last minute that it paralleled the right edge too heavily and took out the 3 tile pieces. the only correction i would make if i could do it over would be to make a stencil to use to make the lettering more exact in the double and triple letter and word boxes.

original: 22x22/not available



Themed Show: Too Hot to Handle

The Lee Co. Alliance for the Arts sponsored a juried show in Oct. Nov. 2008 titled "Too Hot to Handle". This Game of Life was inspiration for my painting,

"It's Your Turn... Now Spin".

I literally burned the edges on the botton and left sides of the paper then painted in the fire.

original:30x22 watermedia image.


Subject matter: Possible use for Christmas Card

These "Toyland Guards" can be seen at the Vancouver, Canada International Airport guarding a permanent kiosk of Christmas/Holiday ornaments and gifts.





Challenge: Plastic Repetitive Forms

Legos or building blocks have always been underfoot. Looking at a pile of them one day all toppled, one "Upright Individual" stood out as if to demand attention.




Challenge: Shiny Gold Sequins; porcelain faces

Painted to reflect a memory of New Orleans after the diaster of Katrina, these delicate dolls pay homage to

"Carnival Fragility"

original: 24x18 original/ sold.





Challenge: Shiny Gold Sequins: Red Motif

A sequel to "Carnival Fragility", "Carnival Red", takes a closer look at the porcelain dolls.

original: 30x22/ sold



Themed show: Love Works

"Soul Mates" 29x21 image was designed for a show in Orlando, Florida titled "Love Works". I chose to use shoes to represent a variety of issues. No matter how they were stacked they remained soul mates.




Challenge: Sand Texture

In 2004, when Jerry was working a locum tenens job in Honolulu, Hawaii, i came upon a bunch of sandals indicating that their owners "We're Barefoot on the Beach" . The idea of mismatched abandoned sandals appealed to me, so using my photograph and incorporating the design of my niece Carly's sandals, and other interesting designs I found on public display, i had fun painting this successful image.

original: 24x18/donated Arts for ACT 2008 Fund raiser


Out of the Jar series (6 paintings)

I've finally got a series going! "Out of the Jar I... M+M's" was inspired by the nutty m+m's ikeep on the kitchen counter.They are my chocolate treat for being good and staying on a low carb diet. Somehow, i can eat only one.

original: 24x18/ not available





"Out of the Jar II...Starmints" was inspired by a display of after dinner mints at a restaurant.The most difficult part of this painting was getting the cellophane wrappers to look transparent and crinkly.

original: 30x22/ not available


"Out of the Jar III....Olives" Much larger than life, these olives are juicy and inviting. Keeping them in the still life was difficult as I kept eating them.


original: 30x22 watercolor


"Out of the Jar IV...Marbles". Remember playing with your collection of marbles when you were a kid? This selection of marbles kept in an old Mason jar are the real cat's eye aggies from long ago. Dixie, a friend and retired Michigan school secretary, brought them out of the closet last summer to be used in my series. If they resemble yours, they might just have been confiscated for being out of your... pocket!

original:30x22 watercolor.


"Out of the Jar V.....Antique Buttons"

When Dixie handed me her cache of childhood marbles, she also grabbed an old jar filled with antique buttons. They looked so familiar to the buttons my mother used to keep in a large old coffee tin. I wonder if we still have those buttons?

original:30x22/ not available



"Out of the Jar VI....Loose Change" The challenge for me in this painting was trying to imitate the values of gray and degrees of shine and matt surfaces in the light and shadow of the coins as they were poured out of the jar. This took so long to paint that i have to remember next time not to have as many coins lying around the house!

original: 30x22(donated to 2011 Arts for Act charity ball, Ft, Myers, Fl)

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"Zundapp Classic Wheels"

Original: 24x18/ not available

Challenge: Feminine Slant using reflection

Becky is my sister-in-law. She was an art student and talented basketball guard of a team i coached in high school who married my brother, David, on a cruise ship in Alaska in 2000. She rides a Harley....one of my favorite images to paint! She parked her bike in front of her house last summer so i could do a photo shoot. "Harley Blooms " was one of the reflective images that i enjoyed the most.

original:30x22/ not available


Challenge: Reflections, matt and shiny surfaces

"Shielded" was painted from a bike in Sturgis. I don't know anything about motorcycles, so i can't talk any thing technical. My husband would dearly love to have one, but he's seen a lot of bikers in the ER, so neither of us ride. I do know aesthetics....and these bikes are beautiful to look at. Because they are so shiny, they reflect allot of interesting distorted images.This bike caught my eye and challenged me to paint the dull matte metal next to the glossy shine. I carry my business cards and camera where ever i go. Often i see children or bikes (both of which have extremely possessive owners). I ask permission to photograph the kids or the bikes and hand them a card, to prove i only want the image. They can keep the real thing.

original: 18x24 image



Challenge: Reflections, matt and shiny surfaces

In 2004 my husband, Jerry, took a job in Roseburg, Oregon. When he works these substitute jobs, i can paint for 10 hours each day. I get LOTS of paintings done, and grow in leaps. Living in the motor home where i have nothing to do and no obligations, I amaze myself with my progress in watercolor. Leaving Oregon, we traveled up to Seattle, then back toward Florida. When we got to Sturgis, S. Dakota, we discovered we were in the midst of the National Harley Annual Convention. There must have been 300,000 Harleys that parked taking up 3 lanes of highways for a distance of 30 miles surrounding the area. In the motor home, we felt like a big bird overwhelmed and controlled by thousands of little gnats. "Sturgis Reflections" was one painting i did reflecting the bustle of the hoards of visual happenings.

original: 24x18/ not available


Challenge: Reflections, matt and shiny surfaces

When trying to figure out a way to start a series of watercolor paintings, i decided to do reflections. i LOVE Harley Davidson motorcycles. Technically, i know nothing about them, but they are awesome to look at. Not only are they a work of art, but they are SO shiny, they reflect the world around them. When my husband, Jerry, was getting some medical credit education, and i was out and about on my morning exercise routine (craving a forbidden donut), I found myself at a "Kissimmee Stop" Harley Davidson store where i spent an hour photographing the scenery through the eyes of the motorcycles. This painting was the result of that stop.

original: 30x22


Challenge: Reflections, matt and shiny surfaces

"Kissimmee Reflection".

In 2015, i put in three small motorcycles. I have to replace the photo.

Original: 24x18 watercolor



Challenge: Reflections, matt and shiny surfaces

This is the first motorcycle I painted. Its all about being able to reproduce beauty by getting the watercolor paints to give the illusion of being shiny, dull, leathery hard or soft like suede. I want my hands to be black from touching the rubber tire, and warm where the lights shine or when I am holding tightly to the handles. Painting is a lot of loving...or giving life to a blank sheet of paper. Painting for a themed show, Paradise, at the Big Gallery on Sanibel, I titled it "Hog Heaven".

original: 18x24/sold


Challenge: Incorporating shadow

"Here's Harley!" spruced up for that perfectly sunny drive here in Florida. I photographed this lovely beauty in the small fishing village of Matlacha, It was basking the the sun, outside the Wildchild Art Gallery, casting interesting patterns of color onto the road. Matlacha and Pine Island continue to attract many artists who live in these laid back villages where the ospreys nest in high trees, kingfishers roost on power lines, people fish off bridges, pelicans steal their fish,and kayakers paddle through the mangroves. When in Matlacha, stop at the Wildchild Art Gallery. www.wildchildartgallery.com

original : 18x24 watercolor image

donated to Arts for ACT, Fl


Challenge: Old and New

"Jaguar Tracks"

Original: 22x30 watercolor image


Challenge: Monochromatic scheme

This Buick Road master, seized by Castro's government for the people's use, now has a Russian Lada four-cylinder die sal engine and manual transmission. It has become "A Cuban Taxi" and by law, the person driving it must pick up any person needing a ride to a near by town. The air conditioner no longer works, so these ingenious people have improvised one. There are hundreds of old American cars that have been creatively kept running to service the people of Cuba.

original: 24x18. watercolor image


Challenge: Morphing 2 images

This "Red Corvette" Chevrolet convertible of the late 50's,

I photographed during the "Summer Heat" weekend festival in Reno, Nevada 2006. Streets were closed in the downtown area to allow hundreds of antique cars to be displayed. I merged two images of the car to create a more interesting graphic image.

original: 30x22 watercolor image .



Theme: If i Could Go Back....

During the hot days of summer, Reno, Nevada has a sizzling weekend featuring cars of the 50's and 60's. It was great to see the oldies again. If you look closely at this i believe to be 1959 Cadillac convertible,you should see the drive-in food tray attached to the window with the Elvis napkin holder "Have A Coke" first. if you look closely in the shadows and upper corners you will see the double tail lights on large fins and the rear bumper and license plate across the bottom.

original: 24x18 donated to AARP for their 2010 calendar





Challenge: Morphing 2 images

We were working in Maine. My daughter, Kristin, was visiting from Orlando, Fl. It was October and getting cold. We took her to Montreal, Canada for a fall leaf color change tour. This vintage 1930's Packard, sporting the Lady of Ecstasy hood ornament was servicing newly weds. We were impressed that such a regal vehicle was so appropriately being used to transfer the bride. "What a Way to Treat a Lady", we commented!

original: 24x18 watercolor image



Challenge:Capture reflected lights

This Austin Healy was "Parade Ready" for an antique classic car show. I'm not sure where i got the original image as we attended a lot of parades especially when we are traveling. From talking to a friend who knows his cars, this one with the air vents on the hood, was altered from the original version. Again, i am not a knowing technical person, just enjoy the classic lines, reflections, and over all symmetry of the beast. the flag was and added inspiration.

original: 24x18/ not available


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Challenge: Dusty atmosphere

"Rodeo Horses"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image



Challenge: Morphing 2-D to 3-D

Go ahead and "Rattle Me!" Everyone loves him! He's an award winner. He lives at the Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque, NM. But gallery managers swear at him when trying to find a place to display him on a wall next to other sweet and washy watercolors. Except for the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda, Fl..... they got creative and made an EDEN WALL featuring an oil painting of a beautiful life-sized nude woman reclining on a lush black background by the fine artist, Greg Biochini. The wall also displayed deadly trumpet blossoms, a medieval church, a dark landscape of the sunset, and a bowl of pears. Why pears?

original: 24x18 watercolor image


Color AN Animal series.......(12 paintings)

I have a friend, Brenda Goodwin, who dresses up as a green crayon to help children speak and read. She really inspires me with her words as poetry spills so easily from her lips as she explains art to the crowd around her. I smile as i begin to recall how precious those waxy crayola crayons were to me as a child, so i decided to paint a box in tribute to them and "Color a... Tiger" . The tiger has been colored with watercolors, but i tried to get him to look waxy as if done with crayons.

original image 24x18/donated to FWS 2015





I loved the box of crayons so much, i decided to try a series with them. . I was diving off the coast of Hawaii when i got the original picture of the green turtle. The result was this "Color a...Turtle" who has won two very prestigous honors. 2007 Artist Magazine 1st place in watercolor and 2.was used at ARTFEST Ft. Myers, by Publix Supermarket, who distributed 35,000 coloring books with this painting on the front cover.

original image: 30x22.NFS


I planned this"Color an....Owl" as the 3rd in this series to be used for demonstration at the WildChild Gallery in Matalacha, Florida in Feb. 2008.WhenI returned to finish it, I was not able to remove the pebeo drawing fluid. it had worked its way into the very fiber of the paper. i tried to get it out a number of ways, but it would not come out. My guess was that it was due to the heat of the outdoor sun. The other piece i was working on at the same time but at home and not exposed to the outdoor elements has now been completed and removing the pebeo was not a problem. Nov....I recently discovered white casein by Shiva can cover over the gray areas making them white again, and can also be used to blend and further work the three dimensionality of the crayons. i tried to finish this painting during my demo at the Wildchild Gallery in Nov. but the gray maskoid wouldn't come off again. The day was cool, no sun hit the surface of the paper....so ? maybe the humidity made the pebeo sink into the paper? After working it for a few more hours, i declared it to be completed..

original: 30x22 watermedia image


Still thinking green, but wanting some warm colors after painting the turtle, I decided to design a piece that had the crayons, coloring book, but also a photograph of a frog which would look three-dimensional. Since I have painted this frog before (go to my News+ Events page) from a photograph i took of him in Australia, i decided to"Color a....Frog".

What kind of frog is he?

original: 30x22



"Color a ...Parrot" was accepted into the National Watercolor Society's 88th annual Exhibition in Riverside, Cal. Sept. 2008. To read more about this painting, go to the news + events page.

original: image 30x22/not available




"Color a...Giraffe" is another sequel to the crayon series.

I've taken one of my abstracted paintings of a giraffe and traced it to make the cartoon then added a photograph of the actual giraffe from the San Antonio Wildlife Park. This time i started to make the giraffe emerge from the photo, but she doesn't quite get all her freedom.

original 30x22/ sold



In "Color a...Ladybug" I attempted to combine the very small (less than 1/4th inch) ladybug with the picture of her on the crayon. This past year i received a new insight into my own work. When planning a painting you need to grab the viewer from across the room, making him/her come closer to inspect, and when they get really close, throw them a "bone" or an "AH HA" to reward them. In preplanning this painting, i reallystretched size proportions, and then let the lady bugs swarm over the site. Just for fun. In 2015 I changed the number of spots on the ladybug on the original painting.

original: 30x22 image.




In creating "Color a...Lionfish with Sara", I asked Clare Candelori, an artist friend, to have her young grand daughters color some cartoons for me. i took Sara's sense of color and stroke then combined her colored 2-D image with my realistic painting. I loved the fact that the yellow crayon was returned used and broken.

original 30x22 image/NFS




When the first "Color a... Burrowing Owl" was ruined (see the photo to the right) because the pebeo drawing fluid sank into the paper, I decided to rework the idea, making it better. I contrasted the 2 dimensional flatness of the coloring book owl by adding a very real 3-D owl who watches the crayons coming at him very intently.

original: 30x22 image.





For planning "Color a...Triggerfish", I asked Sara's sister, Anna, to color a page of triggerfish for me to use in this composition. I was intrigued with the Escher type multiple images of triggerfish and of course by the one that

"came alive" with the use of the crayons.

original: 30x22image.



My crayons have decided to make the first zebra walk out of the "Color a ....Zebra" painting. The second zebra is also free to leave and follow into the herd in the background. However, the third zebra is not completely finished and must remain on the page until it has a life of its own. What decision will the second zebra make? To go or....not to go. That is the question!

original: 30x22image.




We just got back from a cruise around South America late 2009, when i decided to use the black and white magellan penguins that i photographed for my " color a...." series.

I've wanted to leave one of the figures completely as an outline to emphasize the power of rendering or painting without the bordering edge of a line. After 11 paintings, and thinking that its time for me to move on to another series, i've decided to do just that. The second penguin is but an image in a coloring book who is followed by many like him. Time for my apprentices to make the crayons work magic, one last time. "Color a... Penguin"

Published in North Light Books: Splash 13: Alternative Approaches

original: 30x22image. NFS.




Challenge: Decorative Smooth Surfaces

An interesting arrangements of southwest ceramic cats from a shelf in Albuquerque, N.M. "Kit Kats" were fun to diminish in intensity as they begin to blend into their background. Can you count five cats in the painting?

original: 24x18 watercolor image.



Challenge: Decorative Smooth Surfaces

"Frogs of the Southwest" was inspired by the shelves of Mexican pottery we saw while in Albuquerque, N. Mex. I like frogs.. I had painted the red-eyed frogs on display in Australia. But here in the desert of N. Mexico, do frogs exist? They did in the form of pottery. Their claim to fame is pattern. I tried to make the pattern of the frogs mesh with the receding pattern of background to portray the Mexican frog if he exists?

original: 24x18 watercolor image; sold






"Cracker Play"

Published in North Light Books: Splash 11: New Directions

Original: 30x22 watercolor image.NFS.



Challenge: Painted Wood

Seattle, Washington had many great street items to observe. This "Dragonwise" is a close up of huge brightly painted carved ornaments wrapped around utility poles in Chinatown.

original 30x22 sold




Challenge: Repetitive Form and Color

I have to smile each time i see these bear bottles. Both my husband and daughter love to hold one in their hand as they apply droplets of honey to each little bite of toast. The fun comes where there is only one bear to share. Maybe i should have bought another one of these "Honey Bears" when we were at the Minnesota state fair.

original: 30x22/donated to Arts for Act 2010 Ft. Myers, Fl




Challenge: Imitating the Character

We spent one afternoon at a sheep show getting introduced to at least 12 different species of sheep. I got to wrap my arms around this male ram who was the center of attention. He was definitely "100% Pure Merino Attitude" and the lanolin in his wool was so thick i could not wash it off my hands. Do you know what a New Zealand possum looks like? They use its fur to blend with merino wool to create very soft and expensive wool.

original: 24x18 matted




Challenge: Imitating the Posture

While driving around the southern island of New Zealand, we would often stop to photograph mile after mile of sheep. As long as we didn't open a door, they would stare back at us as to say "I've Got Wool!" what are you looking at? You can almost detect the musty smell of wet wool.



original: 20x12 watercolor image



Theme: Out of Africa

I love to paint for themed shows. This spotted cat was painted for The Art League of Ft. Myers ,"Out of Africa" exhibition, Jan 2005. "It's My Land Too!" was a reminder that the land also belongs to the creatures. I tried to make him slightly abstract, emphasizing the eyes. The eyes stalk you.The judge awarded me 1st place. How many species of cats in Africa have spots? Can you name them?

original: 24x18 watercolor image





Challenge:Semi abstract to Realism

This giraffe from the San Antonio wild life park had a long black tongue that could stretch all the way down to the children trying to feed her from below. Too bad there was such a tall fence between us. Because she definitely had "A Viewpoint Advantage" over us.

original: 18x24/ sold



Request: For a River Otter

This is "Barnacle Phil's Namesake " or one of the many otters that frequent North Captiva Island to beg for food at Barnacle Phil's Restaurant. Because you can only get to the island by water, many fishermen stop there for lunch. Little do they realize that while they are eating lunch, the otters climb up the transom of their boats, and actually open the container hasps to steal the fish and bait. They have become so good at it, that i tell the fishermen to use key or combination locks. They haven't learned to read numbers yet!

original: 24x18 image.


Request: Animal owner


Original: 24x18/ sold

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"All in the Family"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image



"Pecking Order"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image


"No Need to Share"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image


Challenge: Abstract to Realism

Talk about a friendly guy. This blue heron arrives at my house in Florida everyday at 4pm "Awaiting a Handout". He usually doesn't get anything to eat unless someone is fishing, If you turn your back, he will steal your bait, or anything else you have caught and placed in a bucket.

original: 18x24/ sold




Theme: Burrowing Owl

This is a very small owl who burrows into the sand to make his home in Cape Coral, Fl. When a nesting site is found, the Friends of the Burrowing Owls Association, mark an area around it to warn people not to get too close. This particular owl and his mate, burrowed into a well manicured, landscaped yard of friends, Carolyn and Ron, to raise a family. Carolyn put out a flag to celebrate the 4th of July, and Fred promptly discovered the

"Red, White, and Hooooo"

original: 18x24



Theme: OLDE Florida

Arts for Act Gallery named one of their shows Olde Florida. I have only been in Florida since 2000 so i obviously didn't have any photos to choose from, so i took a photograph of the pelicans, "Florida Pilgrims", who frequent the canals looking for handouts from the fishermen who come back each day at 4 pm. The remains from the catch of the day are tossed to the these begging birds. To make it look old, i decided to use values of burnt sienna and umber watercolors.


original: 24x18 watercolor image



Theme: As I See It

One of my favorite paintings! You really have to be an island resident that spends many hours crossing over the bridge spans to get to the barrier islands, like Sanibel and Captiva to appreciate this dear "Spirit in the Sky". I am usually the passenger. I have a rear view mirror on my side that reads "images may appear larger than what they are". The bridge is just the right height for the pelicans to catch the up-draft and lazily hover over your shoulder until they spot a fisherman reeling in a fish. They then fold their long wings close to their body and drop into a neck-breaking fall spearing the fish. Of course, the fish is still connected to the fisherman's line, so a tug of war will ensue. Too many times this bird has flown up beside me just behind my head, where i am startled to see him looking into my car mirror. Sanibel is in the process of building a new bridge, and tearing down the old. I hope the pelicans continue to hover with the new bridge and don't become the past spirits of the sky.

original:30x22 watercolor image. sold.



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Challenge: Textures/Composition

Another painting that could be most anywhere. "Provisioning" is always a problem when you are sailing

and this dinghy is the only water taxi available to connect you to land and your boat. Don't forget to bring an extra boat plug. Ever had a dinghy come untied from your vessel? Or start to sink because you didn't have an extra plug? Or have sea water wash over you and your groceries, making all the fresh sushi saltier? ahhhh...memories!

original: 24x18/ not available



Challenge: Abstract Pattern of Realistic Anchors

"Anchors Up and Away" is a view of the anchors on the bows of shrimp boats lined up nose to nose moored in the water on Ft Myers Beach. When they go out to shrimp, they do it at night and might spend several nights out before coming back to port. I tried to capture the mess of similar forms that merged themselves into an abstracted design.

original: 12x20


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Tombstone: Saloon Lady

"Lady in Green"

original: 22x30


Tombstone: stagecoach driver

"This Here Horse"

Original: 17x22



Tucson: rodeo

"Rodeo Clowns"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image



Tombstone: Cowboy

"Keep Movin"

Original: 30x22/ sold


Wanted Poster


Original: 30x22 watercolor image


Wanted Poster: Oatman, Az

"Bank Robber"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image



"The Hunter"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image: sold


"Outside the Saloon"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image



Challenge: Aged Face

Albuquerque, New Mexico is where we spent one day at a national Gathering of Nations. We experienced a day full of color, music, dance, costume and celebration. This elder must have been very wise and noble. He was an inspiration to paint. A Generation of Pride...Grandfather

original: 18x24



Challenge: Youthful Innocence

"A Generation of Pride......Granddaughter". A princess inspired and proud of her heritage, was waiting on the side for her turn to dance.


original: 18x24/ not available


"Queen of Hearts"

Original: 18x22/ not available



"Bandit Lady"

Original: 22x18 watercolor image


"Ode to Sue"

Original: 30x22 not available


"Ode to Joy"

Original: 30x22 watercolor image


Challenge: Figure Drawing in Composition

Jerry's grandchildren were playing on Picnic Island, near Pine Island, Fl. when they came to visit a few years ago. I captured Sarah playing in the sand "On the Beach".

original: 24x18 gift to sarah




"Beach Boy"

Original: 30x22/gift to Brandon


Challenge: Creative Composition

"The Harpist" is retired Sister Melinda playing her harp, Meghan. She lived next door to us for a short time in Wisconsin while Jerry worked at the hospital there. Everyday she would box up Meghan and transport her to the hospital where she would play for the patients. The hospital is adjacent to the Chapel of Angels. The angel depicted has tools of the trade....as does Melinda. i tried to capture her angelic spirit as she works here on Earth.

original 30x22 gift to the nuns in la Crosse, wi.


"Follow Me"

Original: 22x30 watercolor image



Challenge:Sweetness of Youth

A photograph given to me of "Klara", granddaughter of Susan and Bill Shallbetter, took on a glow of innocence as i completed my painting of her on paper.

original: 11x14 NFS.



Challenge: Wispy Sun-touched Child

I was walking on Sanibel beach, camera in hand looking for images to photograph. After asking a mom permission to photograph her children, I found this image to be very pensive. I don't know her real name."Windy" is what i named her.

original: 11x14 watercolor image




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Request: from my daughter

Getting "Close Up and Personal" with this green turtle in Hawaii, was awesome. Go read about him in the news section of my web site and find out how i have used his image to create other paintings.

original: 24x18 not available. my daughter, Kristin, really wanted him for her turtle room collection.



Challenge: Surface textures

When a crab gets too big and outgrows his shell, he has to go looking for a new larger shell in which to live. I think this "Shell Kinda Guy" found a home, a little too big for the moment but is comfortably getting established.

original: 24x18 watercolor image.



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Challenge: Dusty Warm Perspective

"Sedona Cacti" was an image taken in the sedona valley. i got frustrated with the background seeming too green, so i layered yellow and red over it to give it an opaque dusty look.

original: 30x22 watercolor image



Challenge: Create a Spiritual Feeling

"Sacred Messenger" is the healing spirit of the eagle. He watches over the earth. I morphed this painting portraying the spirit of the eagle over the grand canyon. The alternate title was to be "Heal the Earth" but i preferred the messenger.

original: 30x22 watercolor image



Challenge: Perspective Trees

One of the first challenges i encountered when beginning to paint was leaving the white of the paper white, and painting the shadows of white to still look white. So i started photographing items that were white. Generating good greens is also a problem, so when we were in Maine, where there were an abundance of white birch trees, i practiced leaving white paper white , atmospheric whites, shadowed whites, and warm, cool and shadowed greens to create a "Forest White"This scene could have been anywhere in my home state of Michigan too.

original available: 24x18. not available



Challenge: Reflective Mirror

We were in our car driving into the night in S. Dakota to beat the storm beginning to brew behind us. The darkness of dusk in the east combined with the threatening skies we were driving into with the hint of rainfall on the dusty rear view mirror, contrasted with the heavily colored western sunset inspired me to take this photo. i revisited the painting in 2008 and decided that it was unfinished and added the legend of the devils tower to create more interest. the initial mountain i raised was straight up vertical, but it rebelled against the curvilinear design of the mirror, so i changed it again so that the mountainous shape fits the design. its Ironical that objects really might be closer than they appear. do a close up on the side of the mountain. i retitled it "Legend of the Bear " Later on (see birds) this image led me to the creation on Sanibel bridge, Fl " Spirit in the Sky".

original available: 24x18.




Challenge: Backlit Cactus

Jerry and i were in Albuquerque, NM in the springtime where the fields were covered with "Bloomin' Cacti". I love flowers and couldn't resist the lush soft blooms emerging from such ugly abused prickly cacti.

original:24x18 /not available




Challenge:Complementary colors

This rose plant sat outside my front door in Florida. How it made it through so many summers without perishing I don't know. The plant recently succumbed to lack of water and physical abuse, as my studio was being added to the house. I replaced it with a red rose plant, but the yellow bloom remains

"A Rose by anyName"

original: 24x18/ not available



Challenge: Mingling Watercolors

"Phalaenopsis" Was an extension from an exercise in mingling watercolor from Anne Abgott's workshop in Sarasota.Florida. Anne does a remarkable job of instructing students of all ages in watercolor. Google her for her website and class availabitility.

original; 12x12 watercolor image.




Challenge: Mingling Watercolors Using a Daniel Smith Quinacridone Pallette

"Phalaenopsis II" was a painting i began, to use as a demo piece at the 2007 florida watercolor convention. it was done using Daniel Smith quinacridone colors and their phathlo blue,and new gamboge.

original: 24x18 watercolor image(sold)



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Themed Show: Embracing Our Differences

Embracing Our Differences is a annual contest in Sarasota, Florida designed to educate the people of this world to embrace their differences and bring about world peace. I created this painting for their contest. It was one of 35 chosen from an international (44 countries) and national (36 states) almost 2000 entries, to be placed on a 17 foot bill board in their Island Park.It will be on display, free to the public, March 29 through April, 2009. The quote to go with it was written by Kourtney Tayler an 11th grade student in Tampa, Fl. " A world without Diversity is like a crayonbox with only one color"

Go www.embracingourdifferences.com for more information

original:30x22 watercolor.



Challenge: Reflective abstracted surfaces

In 2006 I spent a lot of time looking into reflections as a theme from which i could create a "series" of paintings. All the workshop artists urged me to work in a series. But as i painted reflections as a "series" it still wasn't working for me. i did however, create some wonderfully merged areas of positive and negative space in "Clockworks". The image is of the checkerboard tiled foyer floor from the glass of the grandfather clock . Notice the pawns? They are a ring of friends and family. Starting to see the symbolism of time with friends ...and games?

original: 30x22 watercolor image



Theme: Love Works

A Christian Organization in Orlando, Florida had a juried show in October 2008. Two of my paintings were included in that exhibit.“Promising Hands” depicts a present day promise between a man and a woman in its simplistic white purity blessed by the Light of God, in the presence of past saintly  images forever depicted in ancient medieval stained glass who approve the “promises” made to one another.  One might substitute the Light of God as sanctifying such unions made with Him/Her with promises of eternal life.The image of the hands was taken from a photo of my son and his bride on their wedding day.

original: 22x30 not available



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